1. What is Nine Lives Cat Café?
Nine Lives Cat Café is a coffee shop where customers can enjoy their snacks and beverages in the company of adoptable cats. Customers can choose to take their drinks into the Cat Lounge, or enjoy their drinks away from the cats, and then go into the Cat Lounge if they so choose. Cats will not, at any time, be allowed to enter the room where food and drinks are served and will stay in a completely separate room.

Nine Lives acts as a foster home for adoptable cats from the Humane Society of Indianapolis. They will live in the free-roaming Cat Lounge until they get adopted.

2. Do I need a reservation to get into the Cat Lounge?
To guarantee a spot in the Cat Lounge, we strongly recommend you make a reservation in advance. Walk-ins will be accepted when there’s free space in the Cat Lounge.

Walk-ins are always welcome in our coffee shop side.

3. Does it cost anything to enter the Cat Lounge?
There is a small cover fee of $5 to spend an hour in the Cat Lounge.  If you are familiar with the concept of cat cafés, you will know this is a common practice. The fees at our cat café go directly to caring for the cats, as well as displacing the cost of running a large free-roaming cat room and paying our cat caretakers who ensure the health and welfare of the cats – something the profits from the coffee side cannot pay for alone. By paying your fee, you help us keep cats in our Cat Lounge, and what’s a cat café without the cats?

For those planning to telecommute or study for extended periods of time, ask about our special extended time packages.

If you adopt a cat while visiting our cat lounge, you can get $5 back. You may choose to donate your $5 to the Humane Society, and we will donate another $5, for a $10 donation in your name.

4. Can I donate to you?
All donations to us will be sent to our partner, the Humane Society of Indianapolis.

Throughout the year, we will also be holding special charitable events for other animal welfare organizations throughout the city. Proceeds for entry to the events, such as cat yoga, “mewvie” nights, and more, will all be donated.

5. Can I bring my own cat in?
The resident cats of Nine Lives are adoptable cats from a local shelter. To keep the resident cats healthy and stress-free (as well as your own cat), we do not allow customers to bring their own cats in.

6. I have a cat that needs a home. Will you take the cat?
As much as we’d love to take in other cats that need homes, we recommend you bring the cat to your closest no-kill shelter. The cats staying at Nine Lives have been given a clean bill of health and have been specially chosen for their social personalities. We cannot accept cats of unknown origin and personality for the safety of our resident cats.

7. How do adoptions work?
If you fall in love with a cat and choose to adopt, let our cat caretaker know. They will guide you through the next few steps, which include filling out an adoption application from the Humane Society of Indianapolis. After you’ve submitted your application, expect a call from the Humane Society. They will give a brief interview and it will then be determined when you can pick up the cat. You will pick up your new best friend from our Nine Lives location.

8. Are there any rules for the Cat Lounge?
To avoid injury to the cats or ourselves, we must enforce a few rules for those who enter the Cat Lounge. We can all still have fun, but we must be respectful of the cats. To make your visit as enjoyable as possible, there will be a set of rules in place that include not rubbing the cats’ bellies or pulling their tails, not picking them up without permission, and not sticking your face or hands inside a nook or alcove to reach a cat. Rules will be detailed upon entry to the Cat Lounge.

9. Are kids allowed in the Cat Lounge?
Children are allowed, but children under 12 must go into the Cat Lounge with a parent or guardian, and there must be at least one adult for every three children. Strollers are allowed into the Cat Lounge, but only if space allows. Strollers may not be allowed in if the Cat Lounge is fully booked at the time.

10. I want to do my work from the cat lounge, or study there. Can I do that?
Yes, you can! Please call us or inquire inside about our telecommuting/study packages. You’ll get an extended period of time in the cat lounge at a discounted price.

11. Do you host parties and events?
As of now, we do not host birthday parties, large groups, or corporate events, to keep the resident cats’ stress levels down. However, we are willing to discuss this possibility. Please email us at hello@ninelivesindy.com for inquiries.

12. What if I don’t like cats but just want some coffee?
Café walk-ins are always welcome! Our café side acts just as a normal coffee shop, so feel free to come in and order a delicious specialty drink – visiting the Cat Lounge is certainly not a requirement. There will be no cats on the café side at any time, and you are welcome to use the seating there without ever coming in contact with a cat.

13. I’m allergic to cats. Should I avoid entering Nine Lives altogether?
The cats will be living in a separate room from where the food and drink are provided, and there is separate coffee shop seating where no cats are allowed. If you are mildly allergic, it should be fine, however please enter at your own risk. If you are severely allergic, we would not recommend entering Nine Lives at all. We hold no liability for any allergy-related issues.

14. What if I get hurt while in the Cat Lounge?
Our trained cat caretakers will help you to the best of their ability (including providing first aid if needed), and hopefully will be able to prevent an injury from even happening. By entering the Cat Lounge, all customers take liability for what happens to them in the Cat Lounge. By following our short set of rules, all injuries should be avoided.

Before entering the cat area, customers must sign a waiver. By entering the area, they accept liability for any cat-related incident that may happen to them. We expect most customers will be respectful of our cats and usually nothing will happen, but even so, scratches do happen sometimes!

15. What can I expect when I enter the Cat Lounge?
Customers can choose their seat, and can play with the cats or simply do work, knit, color, or anything else, while in the company of cats. We recommend simply sitting down and letting the cats come to you (don’t worry, they will)! If you have or had a cat at home, you already know that cats love to sleep! The cats won’t be playful all the time. Cats sleep around 16 hours each day, and are often more active during early and late hours. We recommend reserving a time in the morning or evening/night, when the cats are most active. We cannot give refunds for those who are dissatisfied with the cats’ lack of activity during the time of their reservation hour, so choose your time wisely!

16. How many cats will be in the Cat Lounge?
On average, there will be between 8 and 10 cats in the cat lounge.

17. Doesn’t enjoying food and drink with cats sound pretty gross?
If you think the prospect of having a beverage in the same room as cats is disgusting, you may eat or drink on the coffee shop side. If you choose to do this, please do so before or after your reservation time so you can get your full hour hanging out with our cats. We also have food and drink covers, as well as lap covers (for any fur) in the Cat Lounge. Please ask the cat caretaker when you arrive and they will be happy to provide you with one.

Have a question we didn’t cover? Email us HERE and ask away!